NRAIL has been consistently working towards integration of Corporate Sustainability into the values, culture, operations and business decisions at all levels of the organization. The Company adopts a business approach that creates a long term shareholder value by embracing opportunities. At NRAIL we tend to grow without damaging prospects of future generation.

Environment sustainability

The Company endeavors to improve stakeholder value through improved eco-efficiency of operations. The Company ensures safer, healthier and pleasant environment in working area as well as in community it operates into.

The Company has undertaken various initiatives in above direction which include:
  • Practicing 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and waste management in Industrial plants.
  • Energy conservation drives by installing power saving technology on the machines in the industrial plants and procurement of energy efficient machines.
  • Water efficient treatment recovers paper fibre by reducing suspended solids in the effluent water which are reused in paper making process, thereby increasing the yield.
  • Reuse of treated water for manufacturing, gardening and other maintenance purposes.
  • Continuous up- gradation of technology

We continuously improve our environmental programs and explore innovative solutions to save our precious environment for future generations.

A good company delivers excellent products and services, and a great company does all that and strives to make the world a better place.
William Ford Jr., Chairman, Ford Motor Co.

A few initiatives taken in this regard are given below:

Blood Donation Camp

A mega blood donation camp was organized to commemorate the anniversary of founder of N R Agarwal Group of Industries Late Shri. N R Agarwal on 7th Jan 2015. Vapi being one of the largest Industrial Hub in the belt, thousands of people have migrated from all around India and settled for want of work. Owing to which, hospitals always remained short of blood and appeal was always made to all to come forward and donate blood. At NRAIL, we took up the challenge and decided to hold a blood donation camp to help all the needy of the society. Mr. Raunak Agarwal, Whole Time Director of our Company actively participated in the camp throughout the day. 262 Units of blood bottles were collected in the camp and handed over tot the blood banks. It has also been decided that every year, such blood donation camps shall be organized.

Contribution for upliftment of Orphan children in the Valsad District

Police Department of Valsad District took up the drive for upliftment of orphan children of the district by adopting them and bearing all the expenses of the child so that they study well as well as their growth is guaranteed in a hygienic and social atmosphere. We, at NRAIL came forward and decided to be a part of the drive taken up the Police Department of Valsad. Accordingly a function was organized in Town Hall, Valsad on 11th February, 2015 duly presided over by Surat Range IG (Police) Mr. Hasmukhbhai Patel and chaired by DSP Ms. NipunaToravne, Valsad & Collector Dr. Vikrant Pandey, Valsad. Educational kits were distributed to all the 226 orphan children adopted by the Police Department. NRAIL was awarded certification for the gentle gesture and contributing the noble cause.

Republic Day Celebration

On 26th Jan 2015, Republic Day celebration was organized in NRAIL unit 3&4 premises. Flag hoisting was jointly done by Vice President Administration Mr. Joshua H. Madhuker& Mill head Mr. Krishnapal Singh. All the workers and staff of the units remained present in the flag hoisting celebration. Department heads then addressed the gathering. The employees were made aware of the various objectives & goals of the Government of India. Prime Minister’s ambitious ‘Swatch BharatAbhiyan’ was explained to all and a pledge was taken by all gathered to keep their premises and surroundings clean. All the employees were also made aware of the various environmental issues and impacts which were highly appreciated and applauded by all. All showed their concern about the same.

Construction of RCC Bridge

NRAIL commenced their Unit 5 nearly a year ago. It was the ultimate goal and aim of the management to focus on the growth and upliftment of all adjoining villages and towns connected to the industry directly or indirectly along with the growth of the industry. It was realised that there was an acute need of a permanent RCC bridge across the canal in the village of Pagipada where around 200 people are residing. The earlier small bridge was not quite safe enough and too narrow and in monsoon the crossing over was almost impossible and the village Pagipada remained isolated from the rest of the area. The bridge was so narrow that four wheelers could not pass through it and during health emergencies, as the ambulance could not cross over, the patients would have to be shifted through stretchers and cross the bridge. Hence it was decided by NRAIL to help the villagers by constructing permanent wide RCC bridge over the canal for easy access. The villagers are very happy after the completion of the work and have appreciated the gesture of the company.

Construction of Bore Wells

It was realised that during summers there is an acute scarcity of water in some parts of villages adjoining to our NRAIL Unit 5 at Sarigam. People had to travel long distances for fetching water. Also, at times the water level in their existing wells used to go very deep making it nearly impossible to fetch water from it. Looking at this requirement, NRAIL has arranged for two bore wells in the Koliwad area of Sarigam having population of around 100 people where the scarcity of water was maximum and the project has been successfully completed. It is also decided that in the coming years NRAIL targets to cover more villages and if construction of bore wells is not feasible in some areas then an over head tank shall be constructed with the supply of fresh water from the factory premises. It is also decided to conduct educational programs to train the villagers for recharging the said bores and for conservation of water using rain water harvesting techniques.

Distribution of kits to school children and financial support to the teachers

There are some primary schools established by the Government adjoining the NRAIL Unit 5 at Sarigam.It is a tribal belt wherein poor children come for education. But it was noticed that most of the children did not have notebooks and other kits essential for studying. Hence, it was decided by the management of NRAIL to help these needy children and accordingly since last one year we have been distributing all necessary educational kits to all the children of the adjoining primary schools and thereby contributing for the growth of the children. Apart from this, a school compound wall was also constructed in one primary school for the safeguard of the students.

The Company has also been providing financial assistance to a Science College located at Bhilad, Tal. Umargaon

Other activities include…

There was an acute need of systematic Hindu Cemetery in Sarigam town. Prominent leaders of the town approached us to contribute for the noble cause and management came forward and donated Rs. 6.0 Lacs towards the construction of the same. The cemetery is now declared open and it has really benefited all the adjoining villages and town.

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